Ringtonium PRO v2.5
Ringtonium PRO v2.5 apk
Requirements: Android 2.2 and up
Overview: Yes! Popular Ringtonium is on Goolge Play now!
Ringtonium PRO v2.5
Ringtonium is a remarkably accurate tool for creating, editing, and sharing ringtones.
Enjoy the ringtone creation process upon the very first launch.
Record your friend’s voice, play, edit and use it as ringtone, alarm, Twitter tone, reminder or text tone. Have ultimate fun with Ringtonium.
Top Features:
– Fully no ads
– Email, text, alarm clock, reminders and Twitter tones
– Extremely easy to use
– 4 awesome sound effects to add to your tones
– Super accurate editing- up to 0.01 sec
– Remarkably high and distortion free mic recording
– In-app ringtones storage and playback
– Build-in video tutorials
• Please note this app requires Android 2.1 or later
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Free Ringtonium PRO v2.5 apk


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