RadiantWalls HD Zombie Virus v1.3
RadiantWalls HD Zombie Virus v1.3 apk
Requirements: Android version 2.1 and higher
Overview: Android version 2.1 and higher
RadiantWalls HD Zombie Virus v1.3
Observe the walking dead on a microscopic level with RadiantWalls HD – Zombie Virus.
Have you ever wondered why some zombies are able to run and others are mindless meat bags that lumber? Well scientists have figured it out. After decades of research at Central Core Labs the evidence has finally surfaced.
Use your device to view the microscopic viral and bacterial life that has been recorded in their studies. The research includes the following video feeds:
• Stage 1: Mortuuscocci Iterumvita (B23-12) – Basic walkers are infected with a bacteria strain that modifies their cell structures and reanimates their dead bodies.
• Stage 2: Milesmortusviridae (M3-13) – A synthetic virus developed as an antidote to the B23-12 bacterial infection. It mutated as it fed on the undead bacteria further mutating the animated corpse allowing it run at high speeds.
• Stage 3: Loquinervifectios (FC202) – Fully infected synapses. A fully formed zombie will display 100 percent infected nerve cells which still pulse in their infected state.
You can also enable and adjust research camera overlay FX!
These High-Definition Live Wallpapers work great with most phones, tablets, or any device that supports Live Wallpapers.
Should you have any problems, don’t hesitate to contact our support team with questions or concerns.
NOTE: “Move To SD” is disabled, as Live Wallpapers on your SD card get removed as your wallpaper any time the device is reset or the card is unmounted.
What’s in this version:
RadiantWalls HD Zombie Virus v1.3 apk
Fix crash on stage 3
Fix compressed textures not loading on some devices (Xperia X8)
Free RadiantWalls HD Zombie Virus v1.3 apk

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